An important tool that a person can utilize in his professional life. There is a difference between following up with the technological inventions and changes or having the basic knowledge of technological tools that help a person to learn, teach, and communicate better.

Technology can be a major tool to reflect the professionalism of a person where it is part of the professional development as well as using it would improve the performance and quality of outcomes he produces.


Nokia N8 Vs. iPhone4

Introduction: The linked presentation is about the Nokia N8 and iphone4. It is a technological individual presentation to search the products between these in mobile phones by gathering statistics through the hardware, software and maintenance perspective. And finally show it in a presentation to present the findings of that technological research with the result of the best product.

Reflection: The aforementioned presentation taught me how to think from a technological perspective as to how a person would determine the best technological product possible in a comparison. My advice to the future students who will be taking this presentation is to re-study the technological side of each product, and then simply show it.


iOS Vs. Android

Introduction: The linked presentation is about the iOS vs. Android. Another comparison between 2 technological products to get the findings, analyzing the statistics, and then finally show the final result in a presentation in class.

Reflection: The aforementioned presentation improved my skill in searching for a better technological product, and make more critical and precise comparisons between technological products. My advice to the students who will be doing this presentation is to give their best in making this research a successful presentation.


Network Components

Introduction: This artifact is about an assignment that was given for the Network Management course. The assignment gave me an understanding of the physical aspect of a network. What physical components take place when establishing a network with respect to its size.

Reflection: This assignment gave me a wider understanding when a network is established. Technology is not just the cable you connect to your computer in order for you to connect to the internet or a local area network. There is a physical networking engineering goes beneath what meets the eye.



Data Components And Differences

Introduction: This artifact is also about an assignment given for the Network Management course. This particular assignment goes deeper than the physical aspect in establishing a network, it goes into the signals sent and received inside these cables. And goes beyond cables and dealing with wireless signals.

Reflection: This assignment gave me a better understanding when it comes to networking and connecting to the internet. Inside the cables we connect to each other to have internet or just a network is another world we should explore. And better yet, what we see with our naked eyes is nothing compared to the wireless signals that we do not see.