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Living Comparison!

This is a group presentation comparing living between 2 different areas for the Oral Communication course :): Continue reading


Fifth and last assignment for the Written Communication course about the Argumentative Essay :): Continue reading

This is a research I made for the Writing and Research course I had in the first semester. I chose this comparison just to prove that not all famous and pricey devices should be the winner of the market. And by that I mean Not all products from apple should be the winner of the market. Continue reading

No Letter!

This is the fourth assignment for the Technical and Professional Communication class, which is the No Letter. A No letter is basically sending a letter declining the person’s request by a positive attitude, or by a way that he wouldn’t feel bad about it. or even give him/her convincing reasons of why his/her request was declined.

This assignment basically tells us about a guy who wanted a replacement for his horsepower motor with no charge: Continue reading


I’ve been a fan of Sony, or specifically the PSP ever since the very first portable came out!, was thrilled to get one even tho it coasted me over 200 bucks!.

I bought the successor of the PSP 1000, got the 2000, sold the first one although I was a fan and told myself that I would keep every handheld I bought from them, but time changed so as my impressions of such device. More disappointment came when the PSP GO was revealed, nice new sleekly look, the slide action was awesome, but I had lots of trouble with the L and R button. Now that I remembered reviewing the PSP GO in this blog, the post is here, I made changes on it every other month and probably gave it as the worst handheld of a successor which could’ve been made much better.

Now, coming to talk about the PSP 2!, Now We’re Talking About The Next Generation Of The Portable Gaming War! :). YEAH, I WANT SOME ACTION!!!.

Continue reading

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