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Tribute Speech!

This is the last assignment for the Oral Communication course which is a tribute speech!. I just wrote what I should say in front of the audience :): Continue reading


This is a group presentation comparing living between 2 different areas for the Oral Communication course :): Continue reading

Fifth and last assignment for the Written Communication course about the Argumentative Essay :): Continue reading

This is the second and third assignment of the Critical Thinking course. I combined them because the second assignment talks about bringing 2 separate essays contradicting each other. The third assignment is basically just comparing them and bringing out the opposites of each other. It is also about the negative and positive effects of alcohol. Enjoy! :D: Continue reading

Sales Letter!

This is the fifth and final assignment for the Technical and Professional Communication course I took, Which is obviously the Sales Letter. It basically talks about marketing or advertising something. In this case, i am going to advertise for a gas station just half a mile away from a university for professors in their newspaper:

Continue reading

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