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Nokia N8 And iphone 4!

This is a research I made for the Writing and Research course I had in the first semester. I chose this comparison just to prove that not all famous and pricey devices should be the winner of the market. And by that I mean Not all products from apple should be the winner of the market. Continue reading


Persuasive Speech!

This is a persuasive speech for my Oral Communication class. The instructor just told us to talk about 3 minutes concerning anything that we want our audience to get persuaded by. I benefited from my knowledge in the technology world to do this kind of persuasion and got a 10!, Enjoy. 🙂

Hello everybody and good afternoon!,

We all know that technology is evolving in every possible way, especially the mobile world. Today, I’ll persuade you into buying a product from a company that has a big history and experience in the mobile world, against a company that started manufacturing computers , tablets, media players at first, then went to producing phones for the past 6 years and counting.

The Nokia N8 versus the iphone 4G. Continue reading

Nokia Going 3D?!

If the capabilities of mobile devices are rapidly increasing, why don’t we throw a third dimension to it?, Possible, isn’t it?.

Intel And Nokia have joined forces to build up a new user interface (UI)  in a new shared laboratory at the University of Oulu which is also known as the Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center. One of the goals is to widen the experience to the consumers and go WOWSERS about it :D. They would like to provide the experience we gain in 3D Movies that we see in 3D-Enabled screens or better yet of what we see in movie theaters and install it in the pretty much smaller screens of mobiles.

Continue reading

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