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The Cafeteria!

Another assignment for the Written Communication course that I dug out of my laptop. It’s a Description Essay. Basically about describing the cafeteria! :): Continue reading


This is the last assignment for the Professional Development and Competencies course. It is a group written assignment that talks about the negotiation styles :): Continue reading

A Professional Development and Competency’s assignment talking about work ethics and manners :): Continue reading

This is an assignment I had for the Professional Development and Competencies course. Just talks about a certain career path of my interest :): Continue reading

This is the second and third assignment of the Critical Thinking course. I combined them because the second assignment talks about bringing 2 separate essays contradicting each other. The third assignment is basically just comparing them and bringing out the opposites of each other. It is also about the negative and positive effects of alcohol. Enjoy! :D: Continue reading

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