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Negotiating Without A Net!

This is my last assignment for my Leadership & Teamwork course of this semester. The assignment was to read an article and summarize it and give your personal opinion about the content. 🙂 Continue reading


Thank You Letter!

This is the second assignment of my Technical and Professional Communication course. This thank you letter is being sent after you have finished the interview. some people get hired just because they sent a thank you letter. Hope It Helps! :). Continue reading

My First Assignment!

I submitted my first assignment 2 days ago for the Professional Development class, it’s about work ethics. My assignment is to define what does ethic mean and what does work ethics mean. I have to mention the ethical behaviors as well as violated ones with a real example, and what and why some ethics could be challenging, and to conclude the assignment with what should be done in order to get and make people aware of work ethics through what I have written.

Here you go! :

Continue reading

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