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Nokia N8 And iphone 4!

This is a research I made for the Writing and Research course I had in the first semester. I chose this comparison just to prove that not all famous and pricey devices should be the winner of the market. And by that I mean Not all products from apple should be the winner of the market. Continue reading


Persuasive Speech!

This is a persuasive speech for my Oral Communication class. The instructor just told us to talk about 3 minutes concerning anything that we want our audience to get persuaded by. I benefited from my knowledge in the technology world to do this kind of persuasion and got a 10!, Enjoy. 🙂

Hello everybody and good afternoon!,

We all know that technology is evolving in every possible way, especially the mobile world. Today, I’ll persuade you into buying a product from a company that has a big history and experience in the mobile world, against a company that started manufacturing computers , tablets, media players at first, then went to producing phones for the past 6 years and counting.

The Nokia N8 versus the iphone 4G. Continue reading

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