Being successful in with a group indicates that there is a successful communication, critical thinking, professionalism, and leadership. In teams, members reflect all what they’ve gained toward the success of the task assigned. Teams are group of people where each of them completes a certain task to accomplish the team’s goal.

Working on teams is better to the task as hand in term of size, speed, accuracy, and perfection. It is also better for team members where they can exchange knowledge and experience with each other. Teamwork is vital to the success in the personal and professional life.


PMU Cafeteria Quality

Introduction: The linked group presentation is about the quality of food of the PMU cafeteria. This particular presentation has gained me the experience on how to interact with the fellow group members and as a team. In this group presentation, we present all of the details and information we have gathered and present it to class showing them our findings and solutions. I chose this file presentation because it showed my presentation skills and how to interact critically and present the information found from our research.

Reflection: The presentation aforementioned taught me how to interact with my fellow group members in forming a presentation that we have worked on through the research we have done. It improved my team working skills. This presentation made my eyes clear on what teamwork is about, and how we share our information with all transparency. My advice for the future students doing a similar presentation would be to work closely to each other, so we can all love what we are doing.


The Male Brain

Introduction: The linked group presentation is about the Male Brain. This assignment has gained me the experience on how to trust my group members and get closer to them more of a brother than just a member in a team. I chose this presentation because it showed me how to trust one another as brothers more than just members of a team.

Reflection: The aforementioned presentation taught me how to interact and get closer to my fellow group members and become closer than just a group. It gave me a better perspective of how I can trust certain people with freely addressing my opinions and ideas of the presentation from a certain aspect with all transparency. My advice to future students who will be doing this group presentation is to work as brothers, because time spent to do this assignment is worth it.


Written Report for the Book Chapter Presentation of Chapter 5

Introduction:This artifact is a written group report of the summary of a chapter presentation we presented for the Assessment 1 course. The chapter talks about the way people think and how it is possible for them to change how they think by either challenging their issue, practice for solutions or even dismiss it.

Reflection: Having 1 member of the group forfeit from the report made us suffer due to the amount of work the rest of the members had to do to compensate his loss. It appears that the word “teamwork” was not fully established. Hence he did not get the meaning of chapter presentation.



Cafteria Quality

Introduction: This particular artifact I have done in a group was very enjoyable. This is a group presentation for the Assessment 1 course. The presentation was about the Quality of our cafeteria and how we would like to improve it by taking the evaluation of students who attend the cafeteria on a regular basis.

Reflection: This assignment taught me how a good team leads to good results and good understanding. being in this particular group taught me how a team can go further than its expected goals and achieve something greater than expected with a respectful understanding between its members.