Professionalism is part of the personal and work development. To have ethics is professionalism, to make strong relationships at work and in the neighborhood, to be keen about developing the skills and gaining more experience and knowledge, the willingness to learn, to make sure everything is done as perfect as it can be, and to utilize all the capabilities gained to do the task is professionalism.


Work Ethics

Introduction: The linked assignment is about Work Ethics. This particular assignment gained me the experience on how to act and expect certain features in a working environment. It is about reading parts of the textbook and trying to understand certain features, skills and characteristics. Finally, summing everything up in a written assignment.

Reflection: The aforementioned assignment taught me what to expect and how to act in a working environment which will be after getting my degree and seeking for a job. Reading the textbook made me realize how formal, or informal a person can be at his/her workplace, and how to interact with each other and show the true meaning of a qualified employee that you can depend on. My advice to the future students who will be taking this assignment is to really understand and obtain these skilled when you are young. You never know what issue will happen until it is too late.


My Career Path At Microsoft

Introduction: The linked assignment is about My Career Path at Microsoft. This particular assignment gained me the experience of the qualifications needed to be working at the company, the benefits of joining the company and how climbing the top is easy if things went smoothly as expected. The assignment requires visiting a company’s website and writing down the specifications or qualifications needed for the position needed, then finally put it all down in a single written assignment.

Reflection: The aforementioned assignment taught me the qualifications and specifications needed to work where I want to be in the future. Visiting their website made me realize how high the competition really is due to the specifications I have read on their website. My advice to the future students who will be doing this assignment is to really live up higher than expectations needed in the working environment, and by doing this assignment, you will realize how strong you are.


Conflict Management Written Report

Introduction:This artifact is an assignment given for the Professional Development course. It is also considered an artifact for the team work competency, but it is oriented to a more professional aspect. The assignment is about conflict management, which talks about the way and means we use to solve a conflict we encounter.

Reflection: This artifact taught me the various ways in solving a conflict with all respect and understanding. When people send messages in morse code, some other people are taught how to simply say it in one sentence. That is how we ca solve conflict management.



Diversity Consciousness Presentation

Introduction: This artifact was also given for the professional development course. Also, it is a group assignment but more professional competency oriented. The assignment is about diversity consciousness and how to overcome its issues when encountered.

Reflection: This particular artifact taught me how to be aware of my surroundings and do not judge them by color, size, race or even gender. Only narrow minded people think in that particular direction, which give a more negative impact for the company itself. When you have a goal to achieve and trying to get there, always be objective.