How To Tune A Guitar?


Finally, lets finally learn how to tune a guitar and get ready to play:

What do you need?

1-      A Guitar

2-      A Tuner

3-      Your eyes, Ears and Hands


First, let’s take a look at the tuner itself:

A: The “Mode” button gives you three options:

1 “A” for Automatic detection of the string just by stroking it

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2  “M” for Manual placing of the string that you want to tune if you know the name of the string you want to tune

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3  And “S” for Sound which gives out a sound of what the given string note should sound like

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B: The “Pitch” button gives you the indication on the correct pitch of the trying to be tuned string

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C: The “Note” button gives you the freedom to choose any string you want to tune which can only work in “M” mode

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D: If the tuning is still wrong, the indicator would give you a red color which means the given pitch of the string is wrong

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What to do?

1 Attach your tuner at the head part of the guitar and turn it on to Mic Mode

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2 If you know the name of your string, then you can switch to “M” mode which means Manual and choose the string you want by pushing the “Note” button

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3 Stroke the string while moving the tune key clockwise or counterclockwise until the indicator gives you a green signal which means your string is tuned

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How to know you succeeded at what you did?

1-      You’re string is attached firmly from your saddle to the tuning key hole.

2-      You’re string is tuned knowing you have seen the green light indicator which means you have gotten the correct pitch.

3-      If all strings are firmly stringed to your guitar and all met the green indicator, your guitar is ready to go and be played.



We have learned how to string and tune an iconic instrument that was derived from another symbolic piece of Arabian art. The guitar has its own set of ways to be tuned. But knowing you have the skill to tune in any guitar is a gift. Not all guitarists know how to tune their guitars, but you can be a reason in setting off a new musician, just because you tuned and resurrected their western piece of art.