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Living Comparison!

This is a group presentation comparing living between 2 different areas for the Oral Communication course :): View full article »


Fifth and last assignment for the Written Communication course about the Argumentative Essay :): View full article »

Fourth Written Communication assignment about the Cause and Effect essay :): View full article »

Ok, now we’re getting into something here. This assignment has a really great risky story. My instructor for the Written Communication course told us to make a classification in the form of an essay. I didn’t like the idea of it because it basically gets you lost tracking the classification that has been done. So, to make it more simpler and more risky, I went to Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University’s website and copied the main categories then sub-categories and pasted it under each other on the same order.

My instructor LOVED the idea to the point that he extended the deadline of the assignment and told the rest of the students to either do it in an essay way, or the My Way! (Saying out my name :D).

Now my way is being taught in other universities withe the title of MY NAME! :):

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Another assignment for the Written Communication course that I dug out of my laptop. It’s a Description Essay. Basically about describing the cafeteria! :): View full article »

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