Not a hobby, neither assigned, but attained. There is no position called leader but there are characteristics of leadership. Leadership is the art of making people do what you want even when you are not around. Leadership is about motivating people to do the right things using their extreme capabilities and skills. Leadership is about enabling other people to enhance their work and achieve their dreams while enjoying doing so. Leadership has skills; it is not only a gift. It requires experience to make a great leader.


Dealing With Leadership Issues

Introduction: In this artifact, with my group, we have observed how a so called successful leader deals with a major issue in the company. Leadership requires experience, part of it is learning from other people actions. We have learned how he interpreted his critical thinking skills in the process as well. His evaluation and planning the solution for the issue was impressive and how did he implement the solutions.

Reflection: I have learned that if we start from where everybody else ended, we will be way ahead in the race to the Excellency. I would advise anyone else to do so. Don’t depend on yourself to try and experience things that people have done before. Take the lesson from them and try new stuff.


How To Be A Successful Student

Introduction: The Artifact was a presentation I gave to a class in the preparatory program when their instructor asked me to. I presented some important tips to be successful in college and what can they gain from the language courses. I present all of that out of my personal experience. I answered many questions they had in mind about college life. For the first time, I was able to exchange my experiences with someone who really needed it. I was leading them to their future.

Reflection: I have learned how to interpret my experiences into valuable knowledge and present them to someone else. The students I presented to kept asking me questions and inquire about many things until now. Most of them are my friends now. Experience should not be kept; it must be shared and exchanged. I would recommend all the students to share what they have learned with each other.


Persuasive Speech

Introduction: This artifact was given for the Oral Communication course. The assignment is about making a persuasive speech of your topic. And for this assignment, I made a persuasive speech about choosing between the Nokia N8 compared to the iPhone 4G.

Reflection: To become a leader, you need to have some sort of persuasiveness in your speeches, letters, emails and even while having a regular conversation with your employees with respect to their opinions and understandings. This assignment gave me a broader aspect of persuasion as well as leading a group towards my intentions.



Deductive And Inductive Reasoning

Introduction:This artifact was given for the Critical Thinking course, but has a more leading aspect than it is for critical thinking. The artifact talks about deductive and inductive reasoning.

Reflection: As a leader, sending your message from being too general to some thing more specific, or vise versa, is very important. Sometimes you need to be very general to successfully send your team a message of something very specific in the core of the system. This artifact alone taught me how to become a leader that can send any kind of message in any form.