Academic and Professional Goals:

It is a dream of mine to pursue postgraduate degrees such as a Master’s degree in Executive Project Manager, but pursuing such a degree requires at least a couple of years of experience being in the work field. After that, study even more to a PHD in nanotechnology, network engineering or even communication engineering. It is an education journey that I shall be going through to benefit the coming generations when acquiring this kind of knowledge and bring out the best I have learned to the world.

As for my professional goals, I see myself working in Google next year, either in the Headquarters in Mountain View, Los Angeles, or Chicago, Illinois. I should study certain conditions that I will be in to make this tough decision. There is a lot to think about from starting a family to where I want to be in the next ten years. Substantial changes shall be considered before even taking the very first step. It is however, my first main goal is to get a good decent job before continuing my education for postgraduate degrees. I am running in my mind, but taking real walking steps to where I truly see myself in the future.