A tool that is limited to certain people. A person with critical thinking skills can be a great leader and a successful manager. Critical thinking is major tool for planning, analyzing data, evaluating events, problem solving, judgments, and communication as well.

Critical thinking is simply to ask (Why?), to think rationally, and judge correctly. These skills are not given at birth, but a person has to attain them by education and experience.


The Heineken Ad

Introduction: The linked presentation is about the Heineken Ad, which you will obtain the skill of visual analysis the easy way. This assignment gained me the experience to critically think about the advertisement. The analysis of such simple assignment can be so deep to a point where I could not have imagined before, the time I took in analyzing this advertisement was at least 2 hours. It widened the way I see things.

Reflection: The aforementioned presentation taught me how to analyze a certain advertisement and critically think about it with a deeper aspect. It taught me how something so simple can be so persuasive by just drawing a smile or hearing a scream. It gave me a better perspective of how to analyze things and do not randomly criticize. My advice to future students who will be doing this presentation is to really widen up your mind to anything you see, try analyzing it, and you will be amazed.


Negative Effects Of Alcohol

Introduction: The linked assignment is about the Negative Effects of Alcohol, in which you will obtain the skill of critically thinking about the harmful outcome of such simple drink which can cause liver or kidney failure to say the least. It is basically looking up ahead of ourselves and what will happen to us is we keep on following the same negative road.

Reflection: The aforementioned assignment taught me how to look up ahead into the future by something so simple and near that can negatively affect us in a way that can literally end our lives. It showed me how to be responsible and think a few steps ahead of myself. My advice to future students who will take this assignment is to take it seriously no matter the topic you choose, you will end up amazed as I am.



Introduction: This artifact is about an assignment that was given for the Written Communication course. The assignment is about writing a definition essay about life.

Reflection: This artifact taught me how to describe and define any given topic. It gave me a good understanding when it comes to defining things in general even if you do not know the real meaning of a certain topic but you do have a general understanding of it and how to send that message to the other person with no problems.



A Belief In A Creator

Introduction:This artifact is about an assignment also given for the written communication course. The assignment is about developing an argumentative essay about a topic of my choice. So I chose to write down an argument between believers and non-believers in god.

Reflection: This particular assignment taught me how to have an argument with all understanding and respect despite which side I am on. It also taugh me how to accept other the opinion of other people in other parties. Having people who are against you and your religion is not something wrong, but acting negatively towards it is which only proves that I do not fully understand my own religion.