Hello Readers!,

as you can see here, this is a site which brings you Tech And Other Stuff from all around, I know you see a lot of these kinds of blogs, but I know it’s a start of something I wanted to do in a long time! :).

What got me inspired even more into blogging is bitrebels.com, the people there sure know how to attract your eyes into reading their cool stuff, they have a way of which I still don’t understand how they all of a sudden get you into reading one of their posts!, true professionals :).

The reason behind all of this blogging is writing about my personal interests, wanting to show the readers what I like through it, it’s another way of connecting to people who share the same interests and having it in common, plus it actually helps you on tests, let’s say an English test, writing a paragraph about something, and you already have the experience of writing about 300 words minimum which actually helped me on my English test I had to get accepted into the university I wanted, and I made it.

I’m now a student in the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU). College of Computer Engineering and Science (CCES), majoring in Computer Engineering. Started on the 25th of September of 2010. Head of the gaming center, Manager for sports and gaming events, a member in the flying club and geoscience, Vice President of the Business Club and Society of Petroleum Engineer – PMU Chapter (SPE), Treasurer of the Microsoft Club, Assistant Of the General Manager of the PMU Football team, Working In The Recruitment and Marketing Department and Assisting The Enrollment Manager. :).

The English test I had and passed with a good grade made me skip preparatory year, meaning I jumped straight into studying the major I love from day 1 which is actually a huge relief.

Please don’t hesitate on telling me anything about the blog, I appreciate any marks, comments, ideas, concerns, notes, tips from you.