Hello Everybody, What a good day today is 🙂 University is a place where you look for knowledge, doesn’t come to you!

This is an assignment about Managing Myself. The assignment consists of reading an article and power point slides that include the essence of managing oneself and the definition of personalities. Do note that if you want the article and power point slides, i’ll be more than happy to send it to you! 🙂

Managing Myself

People change their direction in life by time. It can be changed decisions in their career, ambition and other choices. They’re being aware of their surroundings and more knowledgeable. And as human beings, we perceive these changes and try to adapt to the current situations no matter what they are. So as management, which became a matter of an ethical action that can be presented in so many ways and adapts to changes to the point it can make a drastic change in a human being’s life. Managing life is being treated differently from one another, and it is an essential of knowing how we can manage ourselves in the most effective way possible to achieve success with high standards. To achieve this goal, I need to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses, knowing if I’m a speaker, listener, reader or a writer, the way I learn things, what are my values, where do I belong, what should I contribute in, what kind of people am I dealing with, and what other plans I have got.

Strengths and Weaknesses

It is always easier for me to know my strengths than weaknesses. But yet, both can be known from looking back in time and see what have I achieved so far or by analyzing what people say about me. The weaknesses that I know about myself are being lazy in terms of doing major chores, I give people time more than myself deserves, procrastinating my school’s duties. But I know that my strengths are far more greater than my weaknesses and always try to improve them to achieve the best like being optimistic, patient, energetic, punctual, appreciative, honest and trustworthy, hard-worker, rational thinker and ambitious. Relating to Dr. Howard garner’s intelligences, I see myself strong in most of the intelligences like Musical intelligence which enables me to express my feelings through composing or even writing songs. Mathematical intelligence which enables an easier path through rational accuracy. Existential intelligence which makes me see in things so deeply that can be totally normal to the ordinary person.  Interpersonal intelligence which is the ability to effectively interact with people. Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence which connects my imagination with nature and the science of Zoology. Linguistic intelligence which enables me to communicate and express complicated subjects in the easiest words possible. Intra-personal intelligence which enables me to connect and understand thoughts, feelings and appreciate the human condition. Spatial intelligence which enables me to have a very wide imagination and think in vast ways than normal. I wouldn’t add the rest of the intelligences to my weaknesses. It is just a category which I feel I don’t belong or involved in. In the end, I always concentrate on my strengths than weaknesses to always reach pristine performance.

Reader, Listener, Writer or Speaker?

After knowing my features, performance is all that matters which mainly depends on a person’s personality. What am I? A reader, speaker, listener or a writer? Well, from my previous experiences with people in general, I see myself as a reader, listener and a writer.

How Do I Learn?

As a student in PMU, I pay attention to the notes written on the smart board and/or white board by the instructor and make my own. I always ask the instructor to provide me examples of the subject he is talking about preferring real-life examples so I can have the ability to easily understand the subject. I can’t let a class finish without an example or elaboration of the subject. after getting back home, I tend to take another look at what the instructor taught us and the examples he provided and try to remember and relate what he said to what he wrote to what I listened to. And practice and review the certain subject until I master it.


According to my previous experiences about working with people, I sometimes work with them but mostly get disappointed of their lack of performance like not sharing things in common or not being able to agree on a certain point. My performance is at its best and excellent when I work alone, I know the dimensions very well of the matter I am working on.

Moreover, I am good at decision making and being as an adviser for other people. People tend to come to me to solve their personal and career problems. For people who want me to solve their personal problems, they tend to want ideas based on a drastic change of feeling. On the other hand, people with career problems tend to ask for directions on where they can begin a new path.

Also, I work well under stress which normally makes me more productive and work in an efficient way. And I work well in all kinds of organizations whither they are small or big.

What Are My Values?

I truly believe in PMU’s slogan which is: Making History, Building Leaders. In turn, one of my values in PMU is to get the maximum out of the instructor and to be one of the best leaders. Having the proper ethics should not be a problem between people since it should be matched before getting into any working field. So one of my goals is to graduate from PMU with higher manners, ethics and morals than when I first got in, thanks to the experience I will gain along the way and be the leader that history recorded.

Where Do I Belong?

I can cope with any environment I work in. I am a multicultural person that can relate to people in so many ways. Speaking about a work field, I know that I don’t want to be a dentist or anything that’s related to a hospital since I am not into memorizing things. And I have been in love with computer ever since I was a kid and decided to be a computer engineer because of the massive possibilities I can do for people using technology. With a brilliant mind who wants to be a computer engineer, creativity is endless.

What should I contribute?

As a future graduate majoring in computer engineering, I want people to know how easily technology affects their lives to the better, make programs and technological products that solve social problems, and create a new, unique and well designed generation of computers that make up the future.

Responsibility for Relationships

Getting to know my friends  well is some sort of a responsibility for me to build up a relationship to prevent falling into conflicts between each other. But getting to know my workmates is a major and bigger responsibility to prevent lots of problems that could cost us the company on a false decision. And to prevent problems, I should create a very efficient, fluent and open way to communicate with them with high standards and build up a friendly environment so my workmates would feel welcomed every single time they wanted anything from me so we can always drive the road to success and achieve as much as we can in the best performance possible.

The Second half Of My Life

I think that most of us will reach that point where we ask ourselves, Is it really time to go? Do people still want me here in the company? When we reach that point that we have to go, We always need a plan B on what we will do next like opening a business elsewhere. Going back to college for a new degree, become active for the community, have a second career that’s parallel to the original so we can work in it after retiring or resigning the current job and give the chance for the new generation to take over. In the end, all pens will run out of ink.