This is the last assignment for the Oral Communication course which is a tribute speech!. I just wrote what I should say in front of the audience :):

Tribute Speech

Hello everybody, and good afternoon!,

Have you ever wondered what would it be like without your father? Have you ever wondered being in this college, giving a tribute speech about him? Well, to me, that is happening right now. I’m going to talk about my father. 3 minutes isn’t enough for him, it isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, it would just be a glimpse of what he really is.

My dad is a man with a strong personality which he built throughout the years. Born a leader. He is a professor in King Saud University In the dentistry department in prosthetic teeth. He is a consultant in jaws and face surgery. He is the Secretary-General of the Gulf Council Countries of the Dental Association Society. He knew me before I knew myself, and knew my personality before I knew mine. I am proud to be his child, I used the word child or children because no matter how old my siblings and I get, my father would still see us as the baby in the roll, as if we were born today.

His existence is a blessing, He gives me hope and makes me see the bright side in life, he cheers me up when I’m sad, we share our joyful moments together, he provides me with the right information when I need some help concerning an assignment I have to do or a problem I have to solve. My dad is my secret in life, the secret of what I am today. The one who pushes me forward. I wouldn’t be standing here in front of you guys if it wasn’t for his guidance. I am a living proof of one of my dad’s best and greatest investments. I owe him everything. Yes I’m not a perfect kid, and Yes I sometimes get into trouble, but his forgiveness is far more greater than my troubles.

When I was younger, I remember asking him: “ Why did we learn English first?”. He replied: “You will know when the time is right!”. Now I understand why we learned English first. It is because of his insight. He knew that we must have a good English background to reach the university. As I’m trying to learn Finnish, I understand why do people suffer when they try to learn English at school. If it wasn’t for my father, I would still be in the student’s situation.

I always remember him saying: “Go after what you want no matter how much it costs”, meaning that I should have a goal that I should achieve and never back down in the face of the challenges that I will receive, and in faith I should believe.

You never know how much love you get from your father until you have a child of your own, or your dad passing away. I am asking all of you to appreciate the situations you are all in, and appreciate your father because he is the one who wants you to be greater than him and he is the one who loves you more than anyone else.

Thank You Very Much!