Hello!, And good morning! :). I published a post a few months back about the presentation I made about the Heineken ad for the Critical Thinking course which is assignment 1. This is also assignment 1 which is the written report that was turned in afterwards. Hope it helps! :):

The Effect of Heineken Ad’s Persuasion

            Almost all people watch advertisements around the world. Some are affective, meaning that they are so good at persuading a person in order to go and get the certain product that the advertisement was showing. Some are useless, showing how meaningless the product is depending on how they fail to brainwash a person’s mentality. In this essay, I will tell if the Heineken advertisement was affective or not.

            So, was it effective? Yes, very effective, so effective I can actually go right now and have it right this instant.

How did I know it was effective? Well, if you watched the advertisement. It will show in the first place a group of girls are being lead by a young lady in the middle of a party or some sort of fun event showing them what appears to be their house. Then when it comes to her closet, they get so excited to the point that all of them screamed. Next, after a second or two, there was some sound in the background which seems to be men screaming. Finally, the camera switches to the guys’ side and shows that in their closet there is the Heineken, and they, also, got so excited one of them got so emotional he started crying and basically acted like a girl.

What does it mean? It means that the excitement and how great this drink is, is that it is as great and exciting as a woman’s closet because all of us guys know how girls in general go crazy about their closets and shoes they buy and get.


            Well, as I mentioned earlier. This advertisement is very affective. The product’s greatness and excitement is as good as a woman’s closet. You can get easily persuaded by excitement. No famous people are in the advertisement because you don’t need one. Affordable, How did I know? Look at how they are dressed,  completely casual. And finally, you don’t need to know their own language in order to get persuaded. It is the actions and movements that we see the people do. This advertisement clearly targets young men but not teenagers.


            There aren’t any, you can’t even spot one, it is almost a perfect advertisement. But, What are they hiding? Well, as any alcoholic drink. These kinds of drinks can cost us our lives. People who consume a lot of alcohol will encounter health problems and in this kind of dilemma is very pricey. Family problems comes next because of your health issues that you will encounter like getting physical with your family for no reason, which means losing your temper and maybe even kill. These problems even get bigger from a financial perspective, too.

            Some countries doesn’t allow alcoholic drinks like The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Meaning that this assignment I am typing doesn’t mean much to those citizens. But there is a good reason why I would still type this essay. When this drink comes to Saudi Arabia, it will be nonalcoholic. But the problem remains the same excluding the drunk effect. Health problems comes from the liquid gases that affect the bones majorly and make it poorly structured causing breaks and fractures. Family problems will occur since you can’t raise heavy things or can’t pick up your child because of the gases leaking between the joints eating the liquid that makes joints be attached and moves smoothly. Finally, economic problems causing people to get poor in the long run.

            In the end, alcoholic and soft drinks have very common effects on people. Some are more severe to others. The effectiveness in this ad made me completely ignore the weaknesses of these kinds of drinks. So, Am I still going to get it? Yes!