Another assignment for the Written Communication course that I dug out of my laptop. It’s a Description Essay. Basically about describing the cafeteria! :):

The Cafeteria

            One of the most fascinating places in Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University is the cafeteria. From all the cafeterias I have eaten in, this is the best one so far. The need of food is an essential for survival. The taste and purity of food defines the standard of a cafeteria. The cafeteria is interesting because of its design, environment and welcoming staff.

The architect who designed the cafeteria is smart. From observing and noticing everyday is that the black cube is appealing. An eager feeling to always get in there. Once I am in, the view of what I think could be dim from the inside is actually brighter than it looks. The amount of light getting in through the glass and the light within is really well balanced in the vast cafeteria. Nice sorted tables and chairs and well studied spaces between each table and the other are ready for you to sit and eat at. The architect had a good vision.

The environment of the cafeteria is really friendly. There are a lot of people to meet. Conversations would take place anywhere, could be on the tables, waiting in line to pick up your food and paying for it. The smell of food would just take you there. What makes the cafeteria like home is that there are no level differentiation between people. I see students having a conversation with their instructor and talking about things other than the curriculum. People at the cafeteria are equal, the only thing that is different is what you order.

The cafeteria isn’t complete without a welcoming staff. The smiles and greetings that are received from the staff are enough to make a person wanting to go to them over and over again. They had him at hello. Approaching to them ordering a specific meal, they persuade a person into taking other meals. They did not get me yet, but I think they will soon. The staff are also hard workers even in the food court. When they see that a table that is being done from the fellow people, they rush to get it clean again.

The cafeteria is not just a place where I can sit at and eat. Appreciating the environment that detached the level of differentiation between one another. Giving credit to the designer who made all of this happen. Thanking the staff that made a delicious meal. The cafeteria does not fill a person with food and let him go, but it changes lives to the better.