This is an assignment I had for the Professional Development and Competencies course. Just talks about a certain career path of my interest :):

My Career Path at Microsoft


I, as a computer engineer, would be so proud if I got accepted as an employee to work at Microsoft. Microsoft isn’t just the leading company that has a successful and easy operating system with an easy to use interface for people on their computers, but it is an expert in developing, manufacturing, licensing, and supporting a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its vase product divisions. In this report I will talk about the background of Microsoft, opportunities in the company, challenges and demands within Microsoft and my career path in the company.


Background of the Company

            Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Established on April 4, 1975 with Bill Gates as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The original location of Microsoft was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, then moved to its new home in Redmond, Washington in January 1979. The main interface, then known as DOS, was originally just a black screen with white text. However, as technology continued to evolve, the interface changed to something that I did not know about before now. The approach of Microsoft is mainly and always will be related to computers and its own developing and evolving technology. The company’s products and industries are vast and still expanding. They include: computer software, as all of the windows versions (currently windows 7); consumer electronics, like the mouse we use to navigate on the screen; and video games (Microsoft has been in the world of gaming since 1985, managing to develop their gaming world industry to the point of releasing their own gaming console, the x-box, in 2001).. Those were just a few of their vast products. In 2008, there were just 89,000 employees. In 2009, it became 95,000. And currently There are 135,000 employees currently worldwide in 139 countries.


Opportunities at Microsoft

As a start for working at Microsoft, they provide you with a lot of good things. A private household, where you can live and be dependable or to start a family. A private car, where you can go and come back from work. There are monthly and yearly promotions depending on the amount of experience you are gaining and the achievements you have done throughout the months and years working for the company. The first annual salary for a computer engineer can get is at least 560,000 Saudi Riyals. These opportunities can’t be given, but to are to be earned through the demands that this company requires.



            Microsoft is a company that always looks for people with a good and solid background of computer engineering and software. So, a person should at least have a bachelor degree in a good university that majored in either computer science, computer engineering or information technology with a GPA not less than 3.3/4. Must be skillful. Being professional when interacting with workmates is mandatory. Working as a team. Must have the major ethical values (Punctual, time management, precise, professional…). Must have a solid Background at speaking and writing in the English language. These demands are not there for nothing, but it is there to make and improve the lifestyle, to be communicative, responsible, to break the wall of isolation, to be collaborative and to improve the productivity of Microsoft.


Job Description

            Starting to work at Microsoft as a computer engineer enroller, the first job to handle is coding and designing (Code and design department) which will enable you to see in what path are you interested in and pursue. After gaining experience in about one to two years, the next job would be going deeper into the department you’re interested in for another one to two years (Either the coding department or designing), you’re still working as an individual in this part. Then in the next level, you will be working in a group in the department you’re interested in. Here is where the ethical values must show in a person. Finally, after gaining experience throughout the few years of working in a group, the next job would be the head of the department you’re interested in depending on how well you did since you started .



            Working in a company with a great background that’s made drastic changes in the computing industry is something at which most computer engineers want to work, because once you are in, your existence in that company is putting you in the books of history, and leaving such company will leave a finger print in that company.