Wow, this semester surely was busy. I got into the university with only a high school background. Now, I can proudly say that I have gained a college experience and it was hell of an exciting year.

Being new to the college life is exciting, challenging and most importantly… Beneficial! :).

Being busy for the university can kill your social life for a bit, but once you figure out the system of college, you’ll realize that there’s plenty of time for your friends and family :).

I’ve done a lot in this semester as a freshmen. I became a member in the student council, Head of the gaming center, Manager for sports and gaming events, a member in the flying club and geoscience and soon to be the head of the IT club! :).

There’s nothing much to say about the first semester other than being fresh and new to the college experience. I am always looking forward for the next.

Second semester was more challenging for me. Most of the university’s events are held in the second semester, I managed a table tennis tournament in the open house, Red Bull Booth event, test drives, taking new students on a university tour, working as a volunteer in the admission’s office.

The summer semester was a totally new experience for me. Going to school in the summer instead of enjoying the vacation at home watching TV with a bucket of popcorn on the side and suddenly waking up the next day, realizing you didn’t even brush your teeth because of what you popped between your teeth

This year finished with an experience I will always recall in the next years. Learn from my mistakes, where did I slip and where did I Grip. I Concluded this year having my name and voice heard in the entire school. Met great people that will soon graduate. I wish them a successful career life.

Today is my last day in this summer semester as a part-timer. I am working in the Recruitment and Marketing department, where we advertise my university’s students to the world and show them what have we done or will do, welcome new students by something they will always remember us by, like a pen with a built in flash drive.. We also do educational, informative and school visitations during the year. I finished my course and final exam last week and passed it with a degree the I never thought of getting :).