Fifth and last assignment for the Written Communication course about the Argumentative Essay :):

A Belief In A Creator

We all know that each individual has a unique way of thinking about life. Some are similar to others which will lead to discrimination towards other types of people in life according to  religion, beliefs, culture, social class, nationality, color and gender which all leads to an argument that has to be solved in a professional way with integrity and with all respect.

Atheists  say that  religions are for ignorant and narrow minded type of people who are gullible to any spiritual path claimed to be from a none existed thing called god.

The existence of Atheists actually was born because of the irrational conclusions which proves that they are closed minded to any type of spiritual way of thinking like the existence of god as an example. Limited and little do they know in wanting everything to be seen and touched like the chair we sit on or the food we eat and relate everything to science. I am not saying that their sciences are wrong. Thinking that this universe was created on its own is scientifically possible, but godly doable.

Yes, we have wars among ourselves and with other religions, and blood spreading everywhere, but that does not give them the right to argue with us who have a religious belief against who does not have one, because we will never understand their mentality when it comes to being questioned about having a war due to religion.

Peaceful religious people actually think a bit like them, I even question why we have wars, the reason is that we aren’t extremists. We as the ones who have a religious belief will always have this kind of argument, especially with extremists. Who is going to take over a tribe with which religion? Because it is something we truly believe in from the bottom of our hearts, to prove who’s wrong from right.

In the end, we all live under one sky. We all live in the same day and night. Different beliefs are what define us people from each other, but we all have to agree on putting this kind of argument aside when it comes to meeting new people as if it does not exist.