This is the fourth assignment for the Technical and Professional Communication class, which is the No Letter. A No letter is basically sending a letter declining the person’s request by a positive attitude, or by a way that he wouldn’t feel bad about it. or even give him/her convincing reasons of why his/her request was declined.

This assignment basically tells us about a guy who wanted a replacement for his horsepower motor with no charge:


Ekko Electronic Company

Fran Faxon,


904/8b King Khalid St,

Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia


Barton’s Buick Agency

Harri Li, Senior Manager

238/9A First St,

Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia


Dear Mr. Li;

Thank you for the letter you sent us this morning. I truly tried to provide accommodation solutions on the subject of the horsepower motor with the reference number: PE33. We are sorry to inform you that we declined your claim.You are found disqualified to deposit credit into your account and even replace items with no charge under the basic rules that are declared in all catalogues and invoices:

  • Claims should enter during 10 days of receipt of merchandise.
  • Malfunctioned motors must return for inspection during 10 days after purchase.
  • Carelessness or overused items will be covered.

We apologize for not being able to accommodate you for this matter. We hope you understand why these actions were taken. We would be more than happy to service you next time during the first 10 days of purchasing any item from our store.

Thank you for contacting Ekko Electronic Company.



Fran Faxon