This is the third assignment for the Technical and Professional Communication class. It’s about apologizing for a mistake you or someone else under your management has done.

The president of the Columbia Air Conditioning Company called this morning complaining about a printing error on the notebooks’ covers. So, for me, as the head of the printing department, this letter has been written:


Middle Son

904/8B Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd st

Dammam city, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Brown

President of Columbia Air Conditioning Company

304/A2 Third avenue st

Thank you for ringing me this morning concerning the printing error on the notebooks’ covers with reference to your request A3P7. we strongly apologize for what has happened mistakenly to your notebooks. To correct our mistake, we are pleased to tell you that we are able to make a full replacement of all notebooks. So we have decided to take the following;

  • Jack firm will be providing you with replacement of all notebooks and delivered within the next forty-eight hours with no charges.
  •  A full compensatory payment for each of the three secretaries’ sixteen hour expenses will be granted in checks.
  • No service fees for the next order.

We will focus on ensuring that the problem won’t happen again and do our best to better service you next time. we are also happy to make the next order with no service fees.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or call directly at my cell phone (+966) 550606100.

yours sincerely,

Middle Son