This is the second assignment of my Technical and Professional Communication course. This thank you letter is being sent after you have finished the interview. some people get hired just because they sent a thank you letter. Hope It Helps! :).


6981 T. Linen Drive

Boston, BT. 90083

July 22, 2011

Mr. Christopher B. Anderson

Board Director of IT Co

Coronal Street

P.O Box 1512

Dear Mr. Christopher:

This is just a short word to thank you sincerely for the kind time you have spent interviewing me today.

The information you have provided to me about the firm was exciting as well as challenging. The interview taught me more about your firm and its vast capabilities. And I am strongly convinced that I can make a significant contribution to your firm.

Again, I appreciate the valuable time you spent during the interview. I am highly interested in working with your company and looking forward to hearing from you soon regarding your final decision.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at my cell phone: 0550606100

Yours Sincerely,

Middle Son