Hello everybody!, It’s been a while since my last post. School surely knows how to suck your life out of you. Lets get into business, shall we?! 😀

I am taking a course called Critical Thinking which basically means analyzing of what we see, hear or think 🙂 I Love This Course. Anyway, our first assignment was to  analyze any advertisement we see on TV. The concept of this assignment is to show the strengths (what are they showing), weaknesses (what are they hiding or any mistakes in the ad) and then finally tell them if the ad was persuasive enough or not.

So, after searching for advertisements on TV, I thought of an advertisement that I saw on youtube. Therefore I requested from my instructor to give us the option to let us search for ads that were seen on TV elsewhere other than our own. After getting the green light, I Went to get the ad from youtube. It’s the famous Heineken ad.

Here is how my presentation went:

Slide 1: Heineken’s Ad:

Hello Everybody and good morning!, Today I’m going to present to you an ad that’s a bit out of the ordinary… It’s a drink!… What kind of drink? Well, don’t worry, it’s not a soft drink… It’s better!, it’s an alcoholic drink… shocking, I know! :D.

It’s the Heineken beer!. Heineken is a beer company that Has been established in 1873 in the Netherlands!

Slide 2: The Ad: Here’s the ad:

Slide 3: Strengths:

  • —The Product’s Excitement is as good as a woman’s closet!

The product’s excitement and greatness is as good as a woman’s closet. Almost all people know how can girls go crazy when it comes to closets and shoes, ESPECIALLY Shoes!

  • Easily Get Persuaded By Excitement!

Most advertisements become a success when they are mixed with excitement.

  •  No Need To Be Famous!

This advertisement doesn’t have any famous people, because you as a viewer of this ad don’t need one, because the famous people that drink this… Is You!

  • Affordable!

From the clothes they’re wearing, it appears that the drink is affordable, casual clothing says that! 😀

  • No Need To Know Their Language!

Really!, you don’t need to know their language because what you hear and what you see from their physical appearances and actions alone is enough!. I even played this advertisement on Mute, and It still makes me laugh and takes me away with it!

Slide 3: Weaknesses:

You couldn’t spot a weakness in this ad, it’s almost perfect, but what they are hiding is:

  • —Alcohol consumption will lead to health problems!

Since it’s an alcoholic drink, health will get affected by time, like lever failure, kidney failure etc.

  • Family Problems!

If you made it back home safely, you can get physical by any means and maybe even kill your sister, brother, wife, husband or whoever is in that house or even negatively interact with objects like throwing them.

  •  Economic Problems!

According to a report from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the National Institute of Health, alcohol abuse costs the U.S. economy an approximate $134 billion a year. If you drink regularly in a week, it could cost you about 25 – 50$ or even more per week. In a nutshell, going poor in the long run!

Slide 3: Thank You!:

To conclude this presentation, I had to decide whether this ad was persuasive or not, all I can say is:

  • You can’t say No to screaming men and woman’s closets! 😀

Thank You Very Much For Your Time! 🙂

Note: I took a 10/10 🙂