Hello everybody!, It’s been a while since my last post. School surely knows how to suck your life out of you. Lets get into business, shall we?! 😀

I am taking a course called Critical Thinking which basically means analyzing of what we see, hear or think 🙂 I Love This Course. Anyway, our first assignment was to  analyze any advertisement we see on TV. The concept of this assignment is to show the strengths (what are they showing), weaknesses (what are they hiding or any mistakes in the ad) and then finally tell them if the ad was persuasive enough or not.

So, after searching for advertisements on TV, I thought of an advertisement that I saw on youtube. Therefore I requested from my instructor to give us the option to let us search for ads that were seen on TV elsewhere other than our own. After getting the green light, I Went to get the ad from youtube. It’s the famous Heineken ad.

Here is how my presentation went:

Slide 1: Heineken’s Ad:

Hello Everybody and good morning!, Today I’m going to present to you an ad that’s a bit out of the ordinary… It’s a drink!… What kind of drink? Well, don’t worry, it’s not a soft drink… It’s better!, it’s an alcoholic drink… shocking, I know! :D.

It’s the Heineken beer!. Heineken is a beer company that Has been established in 1873 in the Netherlands!

Slide 2: The Ad: Here’s the ad: Continue reading