Imollo!, Imollo!, Imollo!, lol, If you’re saying it how I’m saying it, you would already be cracking up! :D.

Where do I start? Ok, imollo is a program you can download from here for free!

Have you ever heard about Dropbox? If so, imollo acts the same way but with extra features.

The idea of these common programs is just about sharing information like files between a computer and another or between an account and another by connecting accounts and creating a shared folder between them. Just throw a file in the Dropbox, you will see it on your other computer. Simple, Easy and Fast.

Well, the Dropbox acts just exactly the same way as I mentioned above. Imollo is also the same but with a little extra! πŸ™‚

You can connect to others by chatting with them and putting in your own picture :). You can send your stuff to an email :).

The most important part is that It Is Still A New Program!, which means that they want our feedback and know where and how to improve it! :). Plus, this program gets updated every 2 weeks :).

I recommend you to get it! πŸ™‚