This is a persuasive speech for my Oral Communication class. The instructor just told us to talk about 3 minutes concerning anything that we want our audience to get persuaded by. I benefited from my knowledge in the technology world to do this kind of persuasion and got a 10!, Enjoy. 🙂

Hello everybody and good afternoon!,

We all know that technology is evolving in every possible way, especially the mobile world. Today, I’ll persuade you into buying a product from a company that has a big history and experience in the mobile world, against a company that started manufacturing computers , tablets, media players at first, then went to producing phones for the past 6 years and counting.

The Nokia N8 versus the iphone 4G.

As we all know, iphone Ruled the mobile industry for the last 6 years, taken over the world with its easy to use Interface, sleeky style, smooth scrolling, thin charisma and quick response, but lacks a lot of what has Nokia provided and offered with its new N8.

Nokia N8 proved itself in the last 2 months to compete with the iphone 4G and probably would win this race. Nokia sold approximately 3.5 million units of their loveable N8 which got attention Months before it even became a reality in front of the consumer’s eyes in the first 3 days, while the iphone just sold 1.7 million units. Price tag: 400 dollars while the upcoming 64GB iphone costs 399. Just 1 dollar to add or subtract, but major difference in country, efficiency and quality.

See, think about this with me for a bit. If you added 1 dollar, just 1 from 399, you’d get a pure Finnish product which will take you to the N8. You’d get a 12MP camera with xenon flash, unlike the iphone which harshly downgrades your camera capability by 7MP’s having it at 5MP camera with an LED flash. An FM Transmitter, while the iphone doesn’t have it. 3 years warranty with a permanent software support, unlike the 4G has a 2 year warranty then throw you away after that from the company itself. Internal memory for the N8 is 16GB and can be expanded up to 64 through the memory slot, the iphone just stays still. The Nokia N8 has an HDMI port while the iphone surely doesn’t have one. Version 3 of Bluetooth is provided in the N8, while the 4G has a 2.1. N8 has a standby time up to 400 Hours, unlike the iphone having it to 300. Nokia has a store that most of its products are free while Apple tries to get almost every cent from your pocket.

I can go on and on about the N8’s features, plans and upcoming project, that would take at least 15 minutes to talk about. I think my point is clear on which phone I want you to buy and why, and your whole digital and mobile life can change by 1 dollar.

Thank you very much!