Hello BCLUW High School!, you guys are probably wondering why I didn’t comment on some of your posts, or read any of them. To be honest, I read all of your posts, but wasn’t logged in my wordpress account. I was surely impressed by your improvements, and quotes were expressed the way it should be. Great Job! 🙂

I’m busy lately with college, I have 2 computer science assignments which I am done with, 1 written report and a presentation about career path for the professional development class, 1 presentation about an Informative speech for the Oral communication class, and a draft about a description essay for the Written communication class, All Due On Sunday!. Lots of pressure!

Anyway, I just want you guys to see this essay I wrote, it’s talking about life from my perspective. The instructor gave us some rules and regulations. 5 sentences in the introduction with thesis, 3 paragraphs talking about 3 points aforementioned in the thesis, and in every paragraph there should be 7 – 10 sentences, and 5 sentences for conclusion. do you know what makes it even more challenging? That it’s all in just one paper including my own details. And guess what!, I got a 9/10, the 1 point missing isn’t actually because of the paragraph, but for the outline I forgot to fill, but my instructor said that it’s a 10/10 essay! :).

so here it is! 🙂 hope you enjoy it and benefit! 🙂


Life is not a paragraph. Being ethical plays a vital role in life. Life to me is like a street I’m walking through. The ups and downs, the lefts and rights and the obstacles to encounter are a journey. And the journey of life is never a straight line.

I always refer to the ups and downs as the educational journey. No student is perfect, neither am I. I faced both negative and positive vibes that I received from teachers in the form of comments, final exams and grades. I always try to look towards a higher goal than others around me. So, that I can reach the top with achievements that I proudly made. My advancement to higher levels is a result of a positive attitude. And accepting the vibes no matter what.

The lefts and rights are what I consider choices in my daily life. Sometimes I want to make a change to my usual routine. Other times I want to add or subtract a certain activity. Changing the way I live and turning it into something interesting is a must to benefit and gain experience from it. Once I start walking or living the same way for a longer time than usual, I know that I will slow down and feel that my life will turn into something uninteresting and boring. Change is good, it helped me progress further and ahead. Change is Adventurous.

The obstacles that I tackle are what I refer to as problem solving. In the many ways I live my life, I undoubtedly will face many problems. Solving a problem in the right way means that I made the right decision. Whenever I feel that my life is going to face something bigger than usual, I will confront it to overcome that obstacle. That proves that I have the capability of conquering such issue. I admit that it is a hard task to do. Predicting a nearly approaching problem is what I consider a gift because not all people can sense that.

The way I live my life is never going to be the way I plan it to be. There will always be changes. There will be problems to solve and obstacles that I have to deal with. As aforementioned, the journey of life is never a straight line. And that is my circle of life.

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