Well, most of us students don’t know the huge responsibility that’s upon us in High school or even in a higher education for the sake of a brighter future. The answers and the easy way out is simple, but there are very simple rules that if you follow them, your final exams would literally be a piece of cake.

1- No Procrastinating: Say Yes To No Procrastinating, because it is one of the few reasons that makes you stay up all night, grabbing a cup of coffee, then an espresso to get you fully alerted and trying to focus on what you’re going to get examined on or to give and present a project or homework to your teacher which apparently won’t help and you’ll be ending up as if you didn’t do anything at all, just a few may survive procrastinating, but it’s stressful and very tiring.

2- Sleep Well: Have you ever attended a class being all cranky and not concentrating and wondering what the hell is the teacher talking about? I bet you did!. Getting your good amount of hours of sleep is VERY IMPORTANT, different people, different bodies meaning different hours of sleep, I sleep for 6 hours during school days and 8 hours on the weekends, I’m okay with that system, I get up with my energy fully restored (Like GTA When You Try To Regain Health :D… Or run from the police :D), active, and starting my day with a very yummy hot latte, Medium size, 3 sugar with whip cream on top (works beautifully in winter :)), and with that I’m always ready for a school day to welcome.

3- Pay Attention: So, you got up, brushed your teeth, wore your clothes, grabbed a snack or sat to have breakfast then kissed whoever you love and said a nice goodbye or a see ya later and went to school. Pay attention to your teacher, listen to what the teacher says, most exam questions and answers lurks in the mouth of the teacher, he/she are telling you what they are, you just need to pay attention, and you may get an A+ on an easy subject just by listening to what your teacher says, even if you don’t study it at home. My advice is to always read a bit about what you’re going to take before class begins or while the teacher is coming.

4- Review: Ok, you got home, mom made a yummy lunch, you had it, then relaxed for a bit, now it’s time to study and review. When I say review, I don’t mean study your heart out and review every single word on the book, Just review what your teacher said about what you took today, just review it and do the same thing to the rest of the subjects, and do you know how much time it will take? To be honest, it just takes 1 hour, CAN YOU Believe That? To review all of your subjects just takes 60 minutes, it’s like 2 episodes of the Simpsons 😀 or 1 episode of Top Gear, or watching 6- 10- Minute long clips of how Chuck Norris Is Awesome and that he can put out a bomb with his karate skilled Bubble Gum! :D.

5- Always repeat Steps 1-4 and Believe me that the A+ is in your hands if you always do that, you wouldn’t even stress or worry about your pop quizzes and final exams, you’ll always be the elite student in your grade and in your class, you will find that the being at school is fun, you’ll always be successful in the name of being educated and pass it of being an honor student.