Commenting!. The easiest way to give out your thoughts under a post you read, a video you saw, and the simplest way to communicate with the author who wrote the post, or the person who uploaded a video.

Mostly all people comment under posts, videos, pictures…etc, everyone has a way of commenting, some are welcoming, some are a bit negative, some are a bit neutral.

Most of us just comment on what’s in our minds about the subject we read or saw and don’t care or ignore about the impact that’s being made towards the person who wrote or uploaded their subject and just either agree on it or attack it with all means.

If you read a post about something that you didn’t like or that the information you read or saw from a video wasn’t right or inaccurate, mostly people attack that post or video with all negativity, and I know that you have seen those comments before, like: “No, You are absolutely wrong!,…”. Or: “I hardly disagree on that!,…”. Or: I 100% Disagree on That!…” . That, right there is attacking the author, even with just saying No or starting your comment with the opposite of what the author thinks he/she made right. And one of the worst things after attacking the author is forcing what you know about this subject at him/her, and there’s always a chance that you may be wrong by the way, because there’s also a chance that he/she made other studies or got into a more deeper aspect of the subject than you.

You could frustrate the author by that negative vibe you sent in the beginning, he/she may get angry or sad, may quit his/her job, may quit blogging and posting although it was his/her way to have fun, may not comment back on what you said because the impact you made was horrible. You can even make a worse shocking impact to other readers who read your comment and either feel aggressive and want to fight back or just don’t reply on that comment.

Start by something nice, polite, welcoming the comment, easy going, or by something that may indicates your disagreement in the next sentence, like: I may have it a bit confusing, because what I know is…. Or you can be a bit forward: According to my information, there’s a conflict between what you have provided because…. Or: I may have it a bit hard to believe that…. Or: There are some parts that I didn’t understand well…. Or if there are some points you agree on and wanted to add more information to that post, picture, video you saw with some points that the author may have ignored or missed: I agree, but there is also the possibility of…. Not forcing your point is the best way to get a good reply, even in tweeting or using any other social network site.

Those were nice, polite, easy going comments that you can always use, no matter how false you think the subject you read or saw can be, plus! It adds more to your personality indicating that you’re polite.

Comments are always welcome! :).