Actually, that question is asking me that, I never encountered such thing in my life, a question asking me its question on its own, scary, hey? :D.

The question is right anyway, Why do I love following teachers on twitter?, Is it out of just having more people in life?, Is it out of boredom?, Is it about making a laugh out at teachers?, Fooling around? Killing time?

Note: By teachers I mean those who have the GIFT OF TEACHING, and it’s not just about the teachers we see at schools, could be ANYBODY.

Well, here’s the thing, Who do you think made those Engineers? Who made those Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Computer Engineers, Architects? Who used to teach the teachers who are teaching us? The Answer is simple: Teachers, They made the people who we see on television nowadays,  the source of the productive people we know (except the ones who educate themselves /and gained the gift), like your parents are considered the first teachers to you, but mostly after growing up, you are the teacher who teach yourself on what you are today, and what you want to be.

I admire and follow just a few teachers on twitter, because of their open mind, THE GOOD ONES ARE VERY RARE and don’t have problems sharing information with others who aren’t in the same religion as theirs, because no matter who you talk to, religion, politics and gender doesn’t make any difference in the name of science, knowledge and education. They have more patience than most people, the skilled of them take and give everything with ease and try to make you understand what you want to know in the simplest way possible. The way they communicate with you is different from other people, very good listeners, you notice good grammar, not all the time tho, but you notice that they have a neat, organized and arranged way of talking, writing, tweeting. I have browsed over 100 blogs of teachers and just chose 3 that I will occasionally read from. Think about this, in every 1 Million Teacher, there’s only 1 of them that’s worth it.

Check Out This Great Teacher, although I’ve known her for a few weeks, or maybe even more, time flies, it’s not my fault :D. Anyway, she is by far most the best teacher I’ve known so far, an English Teacher who adds more life into teaching, she’s new to the blogging world as me, but check her grammar, check out how she writes about her points and goals of her own way of educating her students. I admired and got moved by one of her latest posts!, very neat, arranged, organized. Inspiration is in her hands to give:

Shaelynn Farnsworth (@shfarnsworth)

High School English Teacher at BCLUW;1:1 laptop school;cheer coach;NHS adviser. Her own blog Here which is called: Engnology.

Nice name, similar to what I used to call my blog which was Environology.

A Fine example of an educator in the twitter and blogging world to date!. I encourage everybody to check out, read her blog and follow her on twitter :).

Remember that teaching is a gift, not all teachers have that, most of them suck, and I really mean suck which I suffered from, some downgrade you for no reason, some just despise you although he/she is nothing, some blame you for everything, some of them make you feel you want to stab them straight into their hearts over and over again.