Very simple ways to learn any language you would love to learn, or being forced to learn it since you want your job in Japan :D:

1- Anyway, one of the most important things to have is a Pen and a Notebook which I, as a student, always forget about :D, I prefer a pencil to write notes, tips, concerns about how to speak, the way you pronounce the words and translate it into your language by your letters, it’s like comparing languages but for a speaking purpose.

2- It’s good to go to the country that where has the language started from and try to talk or have or be friends with a person who knows the local language as well as yours so it can be easier to communicate with other locals which I always prefer, or you can just buy a book of the language you want to learn back at your home and just sit on the sofa and read it which actually doesn’t help much because you would end up watching a movie which apparently you realized it’s your dream after suddenly waking up :D, plus you will feel down because you mostly don’t find anyone who is passionate or has the will to learn with you or test you on stuff, and most of these books just give you words and sentences, and they mostly don’t help you with the common words and sentences that are used between people.

If you still insist of learning the language you want at home, the internet is always there, watch videos on youtube, or connect your lap-top to your TV and watch some anime (which is most likely to be Japanese :D).

3- It’s better to have a voice recorder, pretty handy so you can listen and learn over and over again of how do people speak to each other, what are the common words they use, don’t worry about the accent if you are capable of learning so, it comes with time, but most grown ups don’t catch up on the accent because their tongues are used to speaking their own language with an accent that will mostly throw itself on the language they are trying to learn :D, or that the language is too difficult to learn such accent.

4- If you are alone in the foreign country, make sure that your mobile can view pictures on it, put pictures of the essentials of civilization, and by that I mean a picture of a fork, knife and spoon so you can ask a waiter/waitress for it in a restaurant by showing it to him/her, a toilet seat so you can ask where it is if you’re in a “I Must Do It Now” situation :D, a bus, train, airplane, cab (you have to check the color of the taxi of the country that’s being used in, it’s mostly different from a country to another).


5- It’s a must to have a good background of the country that you’re going to learn the language from, like I mentioned before about the cab’s color, plus, checking How does the traffic work there, On which side do people drive? Is it cold or hot there? When do they wake up? when do shops close? What is their currency? How much the currency is compared to the currency of the country you are from? What is the number of your embassy? Who to contact In Case of an Emergency (ICE), And if you are a morning person, When does the sun rise?. Those are Very Important information you should get before going to the country you would like to learn the language from, or even just touring there and having a good time :).


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