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Nokia Going 3D?!

If the capabilities of mobile devices are rapidly increasing, why don’t we throw a third dimension to it?, Possible, isn’t it?.

Intel And Nokia have joined forces to build up a new user interface (UI)  in a new shared laboratory at the University of Oulu which is also known as the Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center. One of the goals is to widen the experience to the consumers and go WOWSERS about it :D. They would like to provide the experience we gain in 3D Movies that we see in 3D-Enabled screens or better yet of what we see in movie theaters and install it in the pretty much smaller screens of mobiles.

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Actually, that question is asking me that, I never encountered such thing in my life, a question asking me its question on its own, scary, hey? :D.

The question is right anyway, Why do I love following teachers on twitter?, Is it out of just having more people in life?, Is it out of boredom?, Is it about making a laugh out at teachers?, Fooling around? Killing time?

Note: By teachers I mean those who have the GIFT OF TEACHING, and it’s not just about the teachers we see at schools, could be ANYBODY.

Well, here’s the thing, Who do you think made those Engineers? Who made those Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Computer Engineers, Architects? Who used to teach the teachers who are teaching us? The Answer is simple: Teachers, They made the people who we see on television nowadays,  the source of the productive people we know (except the ones who educate themselves /and gained the gift), like your parents are considered the first teachers to you, but mostly after growing up, you are the teacher who teach yourself on what you are today, and what you want to be.

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Very simple ways to learn any language you would love to learn, or being forced to learn it since you want your job in Japan :D:

1- Anyway, one of the most important things to have is a Pen and a Notebook which I, as a student, always forget about :D, I prefer a pencil to write notes, tips, concerns about how to speak, the way you pronounce the words and translate it into your language by your letters, it’s like comparing languages but for a speaking purpose.

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