Been a while since my last post, trying to have good grades to get in a good university takes a bit of my blogging time, but now I’M BACK! 🙂 now let’s cut to the chase, shall we? 🙂

BOSE, And No One Else But BOSE, to be honest, I discovered that any BOSE speakers whether they are Headphones, Earphones, Stereos, Radios, And whatever will come up next, They Are The Number ONE!

A Fine great example for a Headphone is the QC15 From BOSE. QC Stands for Quiet Comfort, 15 is just the brand series.

Simply, the BEST Headphones I bought so far, it really is comfortable to the point I slept with them on, and that’s not easy to dream with anything on your head. It has a superb sound and EXCELLENT BASS, Plus it really ISOLATES you from the World, LITERALLY!, Because once you turn it ON… Yes!, I said turn it on because in order to get to the level of world isolation perfection while listening to a song, or even nothing at all, you need just one AAA battery (Included In The Box).

Another nice feature about it is that it comes with a PLANE JACK (Dual-plug adapter), you can just use it on the plane to listen to what’s going on on your screen of yours, Detachable audio cable, it’s made that way so you can actually listen to Silence in a plane, or when your sister or brother is knocking on the bathroom door while you are just bathing, the fact is that it PURELY ISOLATES YOU WHEN you are listening to a song, just turning on the noise cancelling ALONE can reduce at least 75-90% of the noise that’s around you, depends on where you are of course. What makes a headphone getting high points from me is the design of the Headphone, I always prefer around-ear headphones because they are more comfortable, attached to your head and ear without being loose in a long period of time, and it is actually HEALTHIER, according to some previous studies were made, Earphones and On-ear headphones can make bacteria grow in your ear 700X the around-ear headphones, because air can get in through every now and then, even if they were on your head the whole time. A carrying case is an essential for me these days, no matter how pricey they can get, you never know when it’s going to have the bottom of a man on it, so the carrying case of this one is really good and handy! :).

The Experience: Believe me, you have to try it to believe it!, when i say Isolate, i really mean Isolate 🙂 it’s like when you feel the air in your headphones is sucked and vacuumed, some people may find it uncomfortable, some feel pressured, some feel noxious, the best thing to do is just go to any BOSE Store and try them out before purchase!, as for me, BEAUTIFUL! :).

There’s another model of Headphones from BOSE called the QC3 which is also known as the QC17 in other countries, it’s a bit more expensive, but I didn’t like it because it was an On-ear Headphones, used by a rechargeable battery, but I am not a fan of them!, plus it didn’t give the true Noise cancelling (reduction) as that was Best offered on the QC15.

Price Of The QC15: I don’t know about you, but these babies are sold at $299.95 and Believe me, IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY!, plus I took it with a :). While the QC3 (A.K.A QC17) is sold at $349.95.

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