Just let me remember… oh yes!, i got it, no wait (checking receipt), ok, i got the PSP GO on May 1st of this year, my first impression was asking myself: ‘why did i buy it? I’m starting to regret this already, maybe not’, so when i first picked it up, i was just hoping for it not to be a regret i bought.

After moments of just staring at it and wondering what’s inside this device, I sled it on, and as usual, like any other device, Date, Time, How Old, Name etc.

After all of this nonsense regular delays and media delaying you by this, the XMB (Xross Media Bar) showed up, was just wandering around the XMB, then while sliding it down i thought that it’s just a waste of money that resulted in a huge regret and disappointment.

It finished sliding, the big clock showed up, was looking at it till some inspiration came to me to press the L and R button at the same time, the calender showed up and I’m like ok, but then i told myself, they still would have done that on the regular PSP, other than the already built in Bluetooth is a huge disappointment because you can’t do much with it after all.

In a nutshell, the PSP GO Is Big Chunk Of Disappointment!.

Here are some pictures i took from the moment i brought the box, till the end of comparing it with the regular PSP… Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Here's The Go!Here’s The GO!





Lets Take It Out Shall We?





Smaller Than My Hand This Time, Thank God! πŸ˜€





Games Begin! πŸ˜€





Shorter And Smaller From The Sides!





What Lies Under? πŸ˜€





M2 Instead Of Memory Stick Duo, Major Change And Difference!





My Shadow! πŸ˜€ lack of professionalism so excuse me.

Note: The Charger Input On The PSP GO Is As The Same As The USB.





Good That There’s Rubber On The Sides Of The PSP GO!





If It Fits In My Hand, It Fits In My Pocket!





The Clock Is A Nice Touch That Sony Added!





And So As The Calender!





Finish! πŸ™‚