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Just let me remember… oh yes!, i got it, no wait (checking receipt), ok, i got the PSP GO on May 1st of this year, my first impression was asking myself: ‘why did i buy it? I’m starting to regret this already, maybe not’, so when i first picked it up, i was just hoping for it not to be a regret i bought.

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Wii Fit Plus!

Here’s the thing, i bought it yesterday, really enjoyed it, addictive, you can burn as much fat as you want but you won’t feel it because it’s very really fun, hard at parts, but overall a recommended game!, well… not just a game, it even has a personal trainer, a fat burner tracker 😀 and many more things that i didn’t think that all of those things would be in such a wonderful system.

The video down explains all of the aspects i mentioned!, enjoy! 🙂

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