Ok, i think digital frames are the new photo frames, some plays music in the background of a playing slide show, some plays videos, some plays all that together, but you sometimes miss the old touch of having a classic picture on your disk, your grandma’s picture when she was born, but life moves on, that  also goes for people and technology.

The benefit of having a digital frame is that you don’t need any glazed papers, stack of photos thrown in the top shelve of your closet, ink to lose, waiting a whole day for the pictures to come out of your relative’s/sibling’s birthday or any event that you took pictures of, all you need is a place for your digital frame, either built in memory or external from any memory sources such as flash disks, memory sticks and others, has to be filled with pictures, music and videos.

All you need to do is just connect your flash disk or any digital memory source to your D-frame, then there you have it, a slide show of pictures with background music or a video that’s always funny to watch every single time of your son getting face pied, or the reaction of your daughter when she had a new barbie.

I don’t know who am I posting this to, just seeing from the examples i gave to you, It’s For Everybody! 🙂

Quick Tip: If you happen to love a picture that is already  on a glazed paper or a Polaroid and would love to make it possible to see it at your digital frame, just scan it to your computer, resize it to match your digital frame’s resolution. Enjoy Your Digital Memories! 🙂