Seriously, what if there weren’t any?

Well, i think things would be so much different from what we would see now in the present day!, we would still see lots of buttons on one of the sides of the screen, lots of options, all there.

People would have backaches, always standing then walking towards the TV, bowing to it, trying to reach the button to change the channels to what the person wants, or they can make a controller of their own, like bringing a long stick, or a hanger just to push that little button to lower or get the volume a bit higher, or just get so frustrated to the point of just sitting at the couch is enough for a person, getting the PSP/DS out of the pocket and start playing, or a magazine from over the table or a newspaper to read.

In the end, it’s impossible  not to think about this even in the past when the TV was just about like 1 or 2 years old, now you will begin to wonder, if i was going to say in the end that it’s impossible not to think of something such as a remote control for the TV, why did i blog about it? well, the truth is, I ran out of subjects to talk about!. 😀