Simply, empties your wallet! šŸ˜€ yup that’s true!, it does empty your wallet, but in a smart way.

As an example for that: remember when you used to buy a 1GB Flash Disk by 30$? then when 2GB came out, double the price to 60$?, it’s like that, but now you get an 8GB Flash Disk as the same price as the 1GB, 30$, or even cheaper, depending on the brand you choose to buy from!

The trick here is not buying once it comes out!, because electronics such as these things are like mice experiments, to see if this product is actually going to get the company some money or not!.

Now, with the people advancing in every aspect, technology became cheap, and more open to other people, easy to handle, use, get, sell, buy, trade, even my grandma has a part of that technology which is the cell phone.

Just remember, don’t buy anything that comes out right away, I for one, bought a 1TB external hard drive after it got released by a year and a half i think, and it didn’t need any power supply, old ones does have that, that’s the benefit of waiting, could be same price or a little cheaper, but quality is better, more portable if it actually needed portability, you can just buy games and some related stuff like that from the day they launch, because they are actually fixed prices for a long time!, that’s all i have to say for that!. šŸ™‚

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