Seriously, what is it? computer? laptop? Palm PC? Tablet? E-Book?

well, in my opinion i see it as a bigger Ipod Touch to be honest, it’s like something you would buy just to say something like “oh, i got an Ipad unlike you” sorta thing.

when i first saw it, i just saw it as an object was quickly made to backfire at Amazon’s Kindle, sure that the Ipad can make you surf the net because of it’s installed browser, colorful wide screen, no buttons, customizable backgrounds, music, pics, big memory and lots of other stuff that makes the Ipad so easy to get convinced by it and go purchase it for what price they put!

i’m actually blogging about this because i am really not yet convinced of what it does, i always see it as a bigger Ipod Touch, but that’s the motto of most people which is “bigger is better”, if you put that basic motto in your mind, you will find that the only thing that makes you go and buy that product isn’t actually the device itself, it’s actually because the publicity of the company that made you drive all the way from your house to the E-Shop to get you some Ipad love!

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