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Hello world!

Welcome to my university life, visitor%%wppa%% %%photo=5%% %%size=0.3%% %%align=right%%

The name is Aseel AlRifaiy, a graduate student, majoring in Computer Engineering

In this life you are in, you will find everything that benefited me and want to pass

on to the generations to come. From the documents you will read, to the presentations you will enjoy.

you will notice how my skills in writing and making presentations shifted from a beginner,

to an experienced student that has gained the university knowledge throughout the years


Enjoy Your Stay

Aseel AlRifaiy


Negotiating Without A Net!

This is my last assignment for my Leadership & Teamwork course of this semester. The assignment was to read an article and summarize it and give your personal opinion about the content. šŸ™‚ View full article »

Managing Myself

Hello Everybody, What a good day today is šŸ™‚ University is a place where you look for knowledge, doesn’t come to you!

This is an assignment about Managing Myself. The assignment consists of reading an article and power point slides that include theĀ essenceĀ of managingĀ oneselfĀ and the definition of personalities. Do note that if you want the article and power point slides, i’ll be more than happy to send it to you! šŸ™‚ View full article »

Wow, this semester surely was busy. I got into the university with only a high school background. Now, I can proudly say that I have gained a college experience and it was hell of an exciting year.

Being new to the college life is exciting, challenging and most importantly… Beneficial! :).

Being busy for the university can kill your social life for a bit, but once you figure out the system of college, you’ll realize that there’s plenty of time for your friends and family :). View full article »

This is the last assignment for the Oral Communication course which is a tribute speech!. I just wrote what I should say in front of the audience :): View full article »

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